Expertise & Treatments

Dr Fedele’s clinical expertise focuses on diagnosis and non-surgical management of chronic, recurrent and medically-related disorders of the orofacial region.

Recurrent Aphthous StomatitisTopical corticosteroid therapy
Oral precancerous conditionsTopical immunosuppressive therapy
Oral dysplasia and oral cancerSystemic corticosteroid therapy
Oral lichen planus (OLP)Systemic immunosuppressive therapy
Blistering disease (e.g. pemphigus and pemphigoid)Management of dry mouth
Orofacial granulomatosis (OFG)Pilocarpine therapy
Dry mouthElectrostimulation of salivary glands
Salivary gland disorders (non-surgical)Intralesional corticosterodi injections
Sjogren’s syndromeIncisional and excisional biopsy of the oral mucosa
Oral candidosis and other fungal infectionsOral cancer and dysplasia surveillance
Viral infections of the oral cavityManagement of oral precancerous conditions
Pigmented lesions of the oral mucosaManagement of oral leukoplakia and erythroplakia
Taste disturbancesManagement of oral lichen planus
Disorders of the tongueManagement of orofacial pain
Oral UlcerationsManagement of jaw osteonecrosis
White and red patchesManagement of oral GvHD
Chronic orofacial painManagement of orofacial complications of Head & Neck radiotherapy and cancer chemotherapy
Burning Mouth Syndrome
Temporo-mandibular disorders
Jaw bone disease (Non-surgical)
Jaw osteonecrosis associated with bisphosphonates and other anti-resorptive agents
Oral Graft versus Host Disease (GvHD)
Oral manifestations of systemic disorders
Orofacial complications of Head & Neck radiotherapy and cancer chemotherapy